❝You never know where some people will go Yeah some people been hurtin' me You can tell by look, by the slightest crook In the neck or the blink of an eye❞
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❝They come singing through the window, singing through the trees Yeah they're singing through the bright spring leaves Yeah they love you when they need you But someday you're gonna need to Find some other kind of place to go❞

taken from the world too soon
c l a u d i a

"I wouldn’t go to that place if I were you, they have terrible fries."


okay but lets talk about john and claudia.

lets talk about john being a huge flirt and stumbling over his feet when he meets claudia. lets talk about them being in high school when all these romantic movies came out and john wanted to do every single one of those things for claudia after melissa told him girls love crap like that (and she helped set them up in the first place so after that he knows to listen to her).

so he stands outside her window with a boombox. he “borrows” his neighbors lawnmower and convinces her to ride off into the sunset with him. he even tries to stage a flash mob musical at school to ask her to prom and ends up singing (horribly off key too) to her all by himself. he throws rocks at her window at nine on a saturday night to get her attention. brings her flowers. writes notes and leaves them in her locker.

he even - and claims this is where the movie gets it from - tries to hijack the speaker system at school to announce that he would follow claudia anywhere, no matter what college, and even to the moon and back (he says the movie changed it to singing for legal purposes) and gets detention. lets talk about him thinking she’s the greatest person on earth and trying everything in the book (or movies) at least once to show her that he really loves her. let’s talk about him doing everything to make their relationship full of the moments that girls dream of.

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        Stiles’ breath hitched. “What the hell?” He mumbled as he stepped back. “No, this isn’t possible. I mean, you’re dead…and you were older…” He looked down. “I’m going cray again.” 


        Claudia’s eyebrows creased with concern. “Hey, are you alright? What’re you talking about do you . . Know me,” she questioned after a silent moment. It was possible, maybe he knew her before she died. But he’d be . . Younger than what he was now, clearly.



                     ▋ ▎

                                                        ❝   Probably not, if you have to ask.   


            "I guess so . . 
             Uh, can I get your name
      or are you just going to quip more at me?”

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        "Y’know, I’m starting to think that everyone I’ll meet will be taller than me."





"That guy was like,
frickin’ scaling the
building or something.”



"Yeah, no. It’s — S t i l i n s k i.
Definitely not your long lost cousin.
I’m Stiles.”


"Guess I just have one of
those faces eh?
Stiles StilinskiThat’s your name?
I’m Claudia, Claudia Valentine.”


        Mexico, did you at least get me a t-shirt or something?”


        Stiles shook his head. “What did you just say?” He asked. “What did you say your last name was?” He had heard her wrong, he had to have heard her wrong.  


                 ”Huh,” Claudia questioned at his odd question. “Oh um, my  name’s Claudia Valentine,” she spoke slowly with a confused expression. “Why?”